Beyond the Soup: Discover Piping Rock’s White Kidney Beans

Here’s a fun fact we have for you! Did you know that besides being used in the kitchen as an ingredient, beans can also support your daily nutritional needs? Let’s get you started with Piping Rock’s White Kidney Bean, 6000 mg, 90 Quick Release Capsules.


Welcome to the World of White Kidney Beans

White kidney beans are celebrated not only for their versatility in the kitchen but also for their nutritional support. Native to Central and South America, these beans have made their way into both Latin and European dishes, typically featuring in hearty soups and stews. Beyond their rich, savory flavor, white kidney beans are a source of dietary fiber and protein, packed with essential minerals like iron, selenium, chromium, and folate.


Piping Rock’s White Kidney Bean Supplement

For those who aren't fans of beans or struggle to include enough in their diet, there's an effective alternative. Piping Rock's White Kidney Bean supplement delivers a substantial 6000 mg of potent white kidney bean extract per serving, encapsulated in quick-release capsules for optimal absorption. This supplement offers a straightforward way to harness the nutritional benefits of white kidney beans in a convenient, daily dose.


Piping Rock Quality

We are continually expanding our selection of Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, and Gluten-Free products to meet your nutritional needs. Our product line is consistently evolving, reflecting our commitment to providing you with the best possible options. Each of our exclusive formulas is crafted within our "GMP Certified" manufacturing facilities.

We ensure the quality of Piping Rock products by conducting rigorous third-party checks with FDA-registered agencies. Our products undergo extensive in-process and post-production testing to maintain the highest standards. Additionally, we guarantee that everything listed on our labels is exactly what you will find in our vitamins and supplements, ensuring purity, potency, safety, and innovation.

Most of our products are free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, and do not contain gluten, lactose, milk, preservatives, soy, wheat, or yeast, affirming our commitment to non-GMO ingredients.



Piping Rock’s White Kidney Bean encapsulates the rich nutritional benefits of white kidney beans, offering an easy and effective way to enhance your daily nutrient intake. With our commitment to quality, backed by rigorous testing and GMP-certified manufacturing, we ensure that our supplements meet the highest standards of purity and potency.


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