Organic Elderberries: A Secret Ingredient for Creative Cooks

Originating from the lush landscapes of Europe, Elderberries have carved a niche in various cultural cuisines, celebrated for their unique, slightly tart flavor. Elderberries from Piping Rock bring this traditional herb right to your doorstep, offering a versatile ingredient for your cooking adventures.

These organic gems are not just about their intriguing taste; they are a testament to the beauty of natural, simple ingredients in enhancing everyday recipes. Whether you're a tea enthusiast looking for a new morning ritual or a culinary explorer eager to add a twist to your jams and syrups, these elderberries open a realm of possibilities. Let's discover how these tiny berries can make a big impact on your culinary creations!


About Elderberries

Elderberries, small yet mighty, come from the plant Sambucus nigra, a species native to Europe, now found in North America.

Known for their slightly bitter, tart taste these little berries make for delicious jams. Our dried elderberries are the perfect way to start incorporating the fruit into your life. Steep this spice as a tea in the morning for a slightly sweet pick-me-up in place of espresso!

  • Traditional Herb
  • Also Known as “Sambucus Elderberry”
  • Use in Tea, Syrup, Jams, and other Homemade Recipes
  • Berries from the Sambucus Nigra Plant
Organic Elderberries: A Secret Ingredient for Creative Cooks



Elderberries in Culinary Adventures

Looking for ideas of how to incorporate elderberries in your life? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Elderberry Tea – Start your day with a twist by steeping these dried elderberries for a refreshing tea. Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 2 grams of Elderberry. Cover and steep 3-4 minutes, strain and serve.
  • Elderberry Syrup – Elderberry syrup is a wonderful way to add a touch of nature’s sweetness to your breakfast or desserts.
  • Elderberry Jams – If you're into homemade jams, elderberries are an excellent addition. Combine them with other fruits or use them solo to create a jam that's rich in flavor.
  • Creative Cooking – Beyond teas, syrups, and jams, the tartness of elderberries can be a unique ingredient in savory dishes.



We invite you to embrace the versatility of elderberries and let your culinary imagination soar. Explore new recipes, create delightful concoctions, and share the joy of these wonderful berries with friends and family. Who knows? Your next favorite dish might just have elderberries as its star ingredient.

Discover the wonders of Elderberries from Piping Rock today and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable adventure! Shop for high quality vitamins and supplements at Piping Rock.


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