Omega-3 Fish Oil Regular Strength (Lemon), 1000 mg, 180 Quick Release Softgels

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Supplementing with Fish Oil

There is a reason that experts recommend the addition of fatty fish to your diet, especially in aging adults. The oil derived from the fat of fish is rich in vitamins and nutrients — a notorious source of Omega-3 fatty acids and naturally occurring EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are essential because your body cannot manufacture them on your own. Therefore, it’s crucial to turn towards diet or supplementation to obtain these nutrients.

Numerous studies show that a typical diet does not feature nearly enough fish. The average American obtains roughly 90 mg of EPA and DHA from food sources daily. This is well below the recommended daily intake of 500 mg per day. Supplementation can help provide you with a strong concentration of these nutrients you are not receiving from your diet.

Lindberg Features

- Fish Oil (1,000 mg)

- EPA (14-20%)

- DHA (9-14%)

- Quick-Release Softgels

- Purified to Eliminate Mercury

- Lemon Flavored Softgel

Ultimate Purified Fish Oil

This ultra-concentrated fish oil formula provides 300 mg of Omega-3s (EPA, DHA and more) in just one extra-large softgel! To guarantee purity, our fish oil is molecularly distilled to remove potential contaminants such as mercury. Quick-release softgels are easy to swallow and now crafted with a satisfying lemon flavor to mask the taste of fish! Make fish oil a vital part of your supplement routine today with this superior formula.

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Omega-3 Fish Oil Regular Strength (Lemon), 1000 mg, 180 Quick Release Softgels