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Saw Palmetto Complex, 900 mg (per serving), 100 Capsules


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What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a hearty palm plant with sharp fan-like leaves that is native to southern parts of the United States. Also known as the dwarf palm, it is the most prevalent species of palm in the United States.

The purple-colored berries that grow on the plant are what make this traditional herb so highly coveted. This fruit supplies nine different fatty acid compounds along with beneficial bioflavonoids and phytosterols. It has been a popular part of Native American wellness practices for centuries dating back to rituals of the Florida Seminole tribes. Saw Palmetto continues to be utilized to this day, predominantly for men supporting healthy prostate function.**

Lindberg Features

- Saw Palmetto (900 mg)

- Proprietary Blend

- Whole Berry Extract

- Guaranteed Purity and Potency

- Convenient Quick-Release Capsules

Supports Healthy Prostate Function**

Prostate health will become a top concern for all men at some point in their adult life. Saw Palmetto is the number one herb for supporting healthy prostate function in men.**

Lindberg Saw Palmetto Complex provides an optimal 10:1 whole berry extract delivered in 900 mg quick-release capsules. Guaranteed to deliver exceptional purity and potency, our supplement is the best source for men everywhere who need the powerful on-the-go support that this herb offers.

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Saw Palmetto Complex, 900 mg (per serving), 100 Capsules