Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Vitamin D3, 360 Vegetarian Caplets

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LindbergSKU: 22291
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Multimineral Formula

There are many important vitamins and minerals that work together to support strong bones and joints.** Of these nutrients, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are most essential. Lindberg Calcium Magnesium Zinc is a powerful complex, providing 100% daily value of each for your daily routine. Get maximum purity and potency from this formula today with gluten-free vegetarian caplets.

Lindberg Features

- Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc

- Gluten-Free Verified

- Vegetarian Formula

- Guaranteed Purity & Potency

- 120 Day Supply

- Supports Bone & Overall Health**

Key Nutrients


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, most well-known in dairy products. This nutrient performs many vital functions and is essential for supporting bone strength and density.**

Vitamin D3

The superior form of vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D3 supports calcium absorption.**


Plays an important role in bone health and the regulation of calcium balance.** It is a cofactor in about 300 enzymatic reactions and is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is vital for a multitude of bodily functions. The body cannot product zinc on its own, making diet and supplementation crucial.


Also an essential trace mineral, Boron helps the body metabolize key vitamins and minerals, playing an important role in bone health and vitamin D production.**

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Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Vitamin D3, 360 Vegetarian Caplets