Cherry Blossom Premium Fragrance Oil, 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle & Dropper

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PipingRockSKU: 7004
Selected: 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle & DropperIn stock

The Japanese cherry tree, known as the sakura tree in Japan, is the epitome of spring. These captivating blossoms are short-lived, emerging in early spring for just a few days as they paint the landscape in a sea of gorgeous pale pink. Now you can capture he poetic beauty of a fragrant spring day in Kyoto with each homemade product infused with our Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance oil!


Captivating aroma combining floral Asian pears, Fuji apples, sandalwood and vanilla

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History of Japanese Cherry Blossom

The pink blossoms of the Japanese cherry tree are historically embedded in Japanese culture. The centuries-old tradition known as Hanami is the celebration of spring, wherein friends and families gather beneath the enchanting pink sakura blossoms to picnic amongst the blooms. This complex fragrance oil truly blossoms in soap making, but also makes a perfect addition to most homemade projects!

How to use Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil

Get lost in the intoxicating aroma of our Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance oil in your candle making, incense, potpourri, soaps, deodorants and other bath and body products!

To learn how to make your own unique homemade candles, check out this simple step-by-step on The Pipe Line!

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Cherry Blossom Premium Fragrance Oil, 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle & Dropper