Ginger Root Extract, 750 mg, 100 Capsules, 2 Bottles

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What is Ginger Root?

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a zesty aromatic spice sourced from the root of the flowering plant, native to southern regions of Asia, the Caribbean, and parts of Africa. Ginger has been incorporated into Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions for centuries, typically enjoyed in tea or as kitchen spice in various cuisines. Its storied past dates back to Ancient China, where renowned philosopher Confucius celebrated its nutritional powers. It was also well-known amongst ancient Romans as a symbol of wealth and success.

Today, ginger root is commonly utilized for its unique properties, taken for occasional nausea and upset stomach due to motion sickness.** Now there’s a way to receive the nutritional benefits of ginger without the sharp taste. Lindberg’s Ginger Root supplement makes it easy to receive ginger on-the-go with convenient quick-release capsules!

Lindberg Features

- Ginger Root Extract (750 mg)

- Traditional herb

- Gluten-free & non-GMO

- Convenient quick-release capsules

At Lindberg®, our premium quick-release capsules contain the equivalent of 750 mg of ginger root. This non-GMO and gluten-free formula is a great way to add this potent spice to your daily routine without worrying about the sharp taste. Our premium proprietary blend features ginger root (Zingiber officinale at an optimal 4:1 extract for superior support. Get incredible value from this traditional herb and start each day off right with our 100-day supply!

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Ginger Root Extract, 750 mg, 100 Capsules, 2  Bottles