High Performance Carbs Unflavored, 2 lb (908 g) Bottle

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Fitness LabsSKU: 20460
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High-Performance Carbs

When we eat carbohydrates, our body converts them into a form of sugar called glucose that can be used for energy. This glucose can be changed to glycogen, a form of sugar stored in our muscles. For weightlifters and athletes, it is important to restore the body with a quality source of carbs continuously to keep up with high-intensity workouts. Fitness Labs formula does just that!

Fitness Labs Features

- Carbohydrates (20 g)

- Unflavored & Unsweetened

- Gluten-Free & Non-GE

- Instant Mixing Powder

For Energy and Endurance**

High-Performance Carbs is the ultimate way to supplement your daily routine with a premium quality source of carbs. Our formula is easy to implement into any sports nutrition regimen. It provides instant mixing with any beverage and is the perfect complement for WheyFit or MuscleFit protein shakes. Enjoy superior value with our 2-pound bulk container. The ideal supplement for weightlifters and athletes alike!

Before Exercise: Use 1-2 servings 1 hour before a workout. For competition, use 1 serving the evening before and 1 serving 4 hours prior to the event. During Exercise: Add 1 serving to 12 ounces of water (or 2 servings to 24 ounces) and mix into a sports bottle to create a 6% carb solution. Drink over a 1-hour period. After Exercise: Consume 1-3 servings (based on workout intensity) mixed in water within 30 minutes of workout. Combine with at least 15g protein from whey (Wheyfit®). This provides a carb-to-protein ratio of 20g-60g of carbs to 15g of protein.

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High Performance Carbs Unflavored, 2 lb (908 g) Bottle