Kelp Powder (Organic), 1 lb (454 g) Bag

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Discover the Nutritional Power of the Sea!

- Organic Kelp Powder

- About 908 servings (1/4 tsp) per pound

- Certified Kosher

- USDA Organic

Our Kelp Powder provides an easy way to incorporate the benefits of the sea-faring substance into your daily routine. A prominent marine plant, it can be found in saltwater near coastal fronts globally. While the color, and texture may differ region to region, its beneficial properties are always present. It’s high in vitamins, minerals and trace elements thanks to its ability to absorb the goodness of its marine surroundings.

Full of naturally occurring nutrients, this seaweed is commonly found in a variety of sea foods and now supplements. Today, you can add a scoop of the powder into a smoothie bowl or matcha tea and grab the age-old benefits of this iconic ingredient!

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Kelp Powder (Organic), 1 lb (454 g) Bag