WheyFit Protein (Vanilla New York Cheesecake), 2 lb (908 g) Bottle

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Whey Protein for Sports Nutrition

Whey Protein supplements are notorious in sports nutrition for supporting optimal performance and recovery post-workout.** They offer a concentrated form of protein to complement a nutritious diet. However, many whey protein formulas have large quantities of added sugar to enhance flavor.

WheyFit 100% Whey Protein

WheyFit Protein was designed to set the standard for premium quality whey, made with a highly-rated, whey protein blend. This fast-acting blend of whey concentrate and isolate along with super-fast-acting whey peptides delivers just what you want — 25 grams of protein, a low 1.5 grams of fat, and 4 grams of carbs in every serving.

It’s Gluten Free with no sugar added and a deliciously rich vanilla new york cheesecake flavor. Add a single scoop to smoothies for a blast of pure vanilla. Provides instant mixing and tastes great with bananas, peanut butter, or other fruit. Now, get superior value with our 2 lb. bulk powder!

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WheyFit Protein (Vanilla New York Cheesecake), 2 lb (908 g) Bottle