The Art of Perfecting a Self-Care Day

Self-Care is essential for getting the most out of your mind, body, and spirit. There is not a chance of giving this world your all when you’re running on empty!

By focusing on self-awareness and properly nourishing your body, you can profoundly benefit. Many make a common mistake when practicing Self Care…

They don’t dedicate enough time to themselves. A proper Self-Care Routine requires a whole day of charging your batteries when stress levels are high.

This means, unplugging from the world, technology, work, studying and all the other external stressors that seem to control your life. Today is about you! Below are 50 Quick Self-Care Tips that will make your day that much more fulfilling.


25 Nourishing Self-Care Tips:

Don’t set your alarm: Allow your body to wake you when it’s well-rested.

Turn your Phone Off: Your phone can be a big distraction and source of stress. Focus on simpler things.

Go for a Hike: Hiking is a cathartic type of exercise that allows you to get in touch with nature.

Go for a Swim: Swimming is a weightless form of cardio that has many benefits.

Treat your Hair, Skin & Nails: Taking care of your body will help you look better and feel more comfortable.

Lightly Exercise: All types of light exercise are great for clearing your mind without excess.

Read some Fiction: Explore your imagination with something that’s unrelated to your life.

Write some Fiction: Spark your creativity by putting the pen to paper.

Write your Thoughts: Practice self-therapy by writing your deepest thoughts and dreams through journaling.

Practice Yoga: Yoga fully integrates your mind and body through seamless motion. This can be deeply refreshing.

Practice Mindful Meditation: Mindful Meditation helps you clear your mind of daily stress and strife.

Focus on your Breathing: Proper breathing will help you regulate your thoughts and find balance.

Make your own Spa Rubs: Make your own vitalizing Spa Rubs with Essential and Carrier Oils:

Clean your Room: Organizing your room will help lighten the load of subconscious stress you are harboring.

Practice Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the art of using Essential Oils to help awaken your mind, body and spirit.

Listen to Soothing Music: Everyone has those songs that can instantly put them in a good mood.

Play an Instrument: Find fulfillment in picking back up an instrument. You can discover self-gratitude and joy.

Make Clay Jewelry: Clay Jewelry is another expression of art using soothing Essential Oils.

Take a Long Nap: You’d be surprised how much additional sleep can help you feel so much better.

Watch a Romantic Comedy: Watch a light-hearted movie that will put you in a good mood.

Take a long Bath: This is one deeply relaxing thing we don’t save enough time for. It’s great for your mind and body.

Donate to Charity: By helping others, you will be able to fully empathize and practice gratitude.

Put on a Comfy Robe: This will help you feel equally luxurious and comfortable throughout the day.

Take a Self-Care Trip: There are special retreats that are dedicated to Soul-Searching and Self-Care. It may be just what you need to recharge.

Compost your Garden: Composting is a modern way of recycling. Instead of trashing food items, consider using them to nourish the soil in your garden. This is one of many eco-friendly practices to try.


When you focus on yourself and your hobbies, you can be the best version of you. Below is a complete list of essential items that will help you perfect your Self-Care routine and find deep fulfillment in the process.



Self-Care Checklist:

Collagen Cream: Treat your face to the luxury of Collagen!

Hyaluronic Cream: Spend more time moisturizing and massaging your skin!

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo: Keep it simple with Botanical Products for your Hair.

Aloe Vera Glycerine Soap: Aloe is notoriously soothing for your skin.

Arnica Massage Oil: Get to relaxing with this deeply invigorating Massage Oil!

Kaolin Clay Powder: Create your own Spa Masks at home with Kaolin!

Essential Oil Sprays: Freshen any room with purifying scents like Citrus Zest, Peppermint or Lavender Spray.

Yoga Mat: Important essential for practicing various Yoga Poses and Core Exercises.

Your Favorite Book: No better way to unwind then with a Paperback or Hardcover.

Soothing Herbal Teas: Herbal Teas are perfect for cozy days. A huge assortment gives you advanced selection to match your mood.

Light Soulful Music: Record Players have a crisp sound that offer a profound experience.

Essential Oil Diffuser: An Essential Oil Diffuser is a must-have for practicing Aromatherapy on your Self-care Day.


Ultimately, your Self-Care routine is meant to help you achieve personal growth where it is needed. Whether it’s simply resting, spending more time on luxury or discovering deeper meaning, your Self Care Routine should help you find your center of balance. By focusing on the ‘here and now’ you will notice the little things that life is made of. You will be a better person for it and more successful in the long-run too!


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