Trends on Fire: The Truth about Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is the next natural supplement to have caught fire amongst other emerging wellness trends. It seems like everybody is trying to get their hands on this divine herbal extract. From supplements like Liquids, Softgels and Tinctures to beauty items like Cream, Hair Products and Lotion, Hemp Seed Oil is everywhere!


So much hype behind a single herbal trend and its wellness potential. Herbalists continue to closely study its properties and how they could be beneficial to your wellness. However, you may be wondering: What is Hemp? Before we delve into benefits, let’s start learning more about this widely touted plant and its origin.


What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed Oil is derived from Hemp which is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa Plant species that is indigenous to Central Asia. It thrives in tropical and temperate climates, in nutrient-rich soil. This plant is cultivated for its bountiful seeds that are often utilized in cultural, wellness and holistic traditions. Oil is extracted from these nutrient rich seeds and subjected to a natural, cold-pressing process. This intricate process is perfected to preserve the dense value of the Cannabis.

Consumers often debate about the differences between Hemp Extract and CBD. Brands have often misled consumers about the properties of each. What is the actual difference between the two?


Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil:

CBD has followed closely behind in the cannabis trend. Both extracts have become extremely popular by consumer demand. But what’s the difference?

These two differ in term of plant specification. Hemp Seed Oil comes from seeds. In addition, it’s used in dietary supplements and Personal Care Products. Conversely, Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound, extracted from Hemp Plant. Although CBD Oil is wildly popular, its benefits are less founded. It’s still in the beginning stages of testing. On the other hand, Hemp Oil boasts a nutrient-rich profile backed by years of research…


Nutritional Profile:

The National Institute of Health states upon further research that Hemp Extract is a very rich natural source of vital nutrients including polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and proteins.

In addition, Hemp offers an impressive assortment of other vitamins and minerals, phytosterols, Omegas and other plant-based nutrients.


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