Bilberry Extract, 2400 mg (per serving), 200 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Traditional Herb
  • Super Concentrated Extract
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free

What are Bilberries?

Bilberry is a close relative to blueberry, yet not as well-known. These berries are grown all the way in the Rocky Mountains, and regions of Europe and Asia. Botanically known as Vaccinium myrtillus, Bilberries do not last long once picked from their shrubs, which is why they tend to do well in supplement form. Long used in European cuisines (pies, juices, frozen drinks and jams, notably) and wellness traditions, this berry is rich in naturally occuring bioflavonoids called anthocyanins.

Piping Rock's Bilberry:

Piping Rock's Bilberry Extract features the equivalent of 2,400 mg of Bilberry fruit per serving delivered to you in convenient vegetarian capsules. Today you can enjoy the benefits of this rare berry grown in nature with our Super Concentrated Bilberry Extract. It's Gluten Free and non-GMO, making it a perfect addition to any routine. Enjoy our 200-capsules supply!

Piping Rock's Promise

Piping Rock proudly offers an ever-growing selection of products designed to help you achieve your unique wellness goals. We verify all products with third-party, FDA-registered agencies ensuring purity, potency, safety, and innovation in everything we do. We’re committed to supporting you in your journey to healthy living, and we thank you for choosing us!

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Bilberry Extract, 2400 mg (per serving), 200 Vegetarian Capsules

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