Breathe Easy Tea, 16 Tea Bags

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Created by Herbalists

- Wise and lively, a breath of fresh air

- Balanced, bittersweet, with hints of aromatic citrus

- Naturally caffeine-free

One of our original formulas, Breathe Easy tea has been supporting people for nearly four decades. This enduring classic combines the best of Western herbalism with ancient Traditional Chinese wisdom resulting in a unique blend that warms and engages the senses. Eucalyptus, fennel and licorice are combined with Bi Yan Pian extract, a traditional Chinese formula of 12 different herbs. We love this aromatic and fragrant blend that soothes with its warm and spicy taste.

One of our sources of eucalyptus is from Chile, where the leaves are carefully harvested to preserve the essential oil--which is responsible for the characteristic aroma and taste of eucalyptus, which you'll notice as you steep this tea. Our formula also includes the traditional Chinese herbal blend Bi Yan Pian, which features the ancient magnolia flower. Evolved before bees existed in the world, magnolia flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles, and have been used in Chinese and Japanese herbal traditions for centuries.

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Breathe Easy Tea, 16 Tea Bags